It takes a lot to make me mad
but when I get mad
so mad my blood boils with hate
and my eyes turn as black as the deepest pit in 
I get even

I'm not good at confrentation
that's why I wright
so I can call you out
without stumbling over my own tounge
trying to get the words out

I. never should have trusted you
I gusse I'm to niave
I've been told that befor you know
gusse I should have listened

I thought you were such a nice guy
the kind that would bring me flowers
watch the sunset
tell me I'm pretty without any makeup on
and stay up late at night writing me a poem

gusse its me staying up late at night now
cursing your name to the heavens
and crying over my own stupidity
plotting my revenge
and hateing myself for being so evil

you really hurt me
you killed part of my soul
a part of my heart
and I can never get that piece back
I may never trust again
you were my first date
all my dreams rested on you
gusse you couldn't handel that
or maybe you just thought I wasn't good enough for you

I may never trust any boy the way I trusted you ever again
funny how I trusted you so much
and barely even knew you
gusse I should have relized that
fairytales don't work in real life

I hope your happy
I hope that your days are filled with joy
at the thought that you have made me feel like nothing
becouse of you I am nothing more than a dirty dishrag
limp and lonely.


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