Monday- Excitement
fresh feet
fresh faces
lay down the floor with laouphter
find your feet on a brand new floor

 Tuesday-Need a nap
Final coustome fitting
Break in new shoes
Who has any baind aids?
Slow down the music!

Wensday- So tired
Bleeding blisters
sleepy dust in your eyes
aching joints and muscles
a churus of groans
Speed up the music!

Thursday- Slap happy
Dark circles under your eyes
bloody feet, bloody shoes
baind aids and brusis
coustomes get last minuet repairs

Friday- Wish it was monday
concerler under your eyes
epson salts and orejel
coustome malfunctions 
go's by in the wink of an eye

Saturday- Freak out
sore muscles, bruised bones
make up all over your eyes
wrap up your toes 
put on your smiles
your not ganna die

Sunday-Calm down
crusty eyes, crusty feet
find your smiles
dance out of your self
live in the moment one last time
take your last bow
now its all over
Please don't cry! 
It will come again.


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