Like a fairy tale dance
Every step,
Every tilt of the head
Entirely focused on each other

Plié and relax
Tondu and breath
Grand Battment and kick away your fears
Relevé away from earth and
Bourrée threw the clouds
Piqué onto the mikyway and
balance on a star
Fouetté on a comet and
Spin past the moon
leap out of the sunset
and dance among the stars.
Heres to the girls who don't get a rose
Heres to the girls who don't get chocolate
Hears to the girls who hearts are alone


A place



I am from a place where
bloody blisters are beutaful
dreams are reality
make up is abundant
but lothed
sweat is the sweetest perfume
a callus is a reason to celebrate
the Christmas season starts early
sweatpants are the height of fashion
bruises are nothing to be concerned about

Let's do it.
Let's watch the sunset and make wishes on the stars
Let's ride horses over sand dunes and wade into the waves
Let's go on a picnic and get stuck in the rain
lets drive off to no wear singing way off key
Lets play board games and try to let each other win
Lets stay up late on the phone and grounded for the bill
Lets go to the movies and have our hands touch in the popcorn
Lets sit on your porch steps and talk for hours
Lets talk about each other constantly and get teased by our friends
Lets share a kiss on my doorstep and get yelled at by my dad
Lets do it.
Lets fall in love.

I don't know my parents birthdays
and I forget there anniversary too
I don't know the constellations
or phases of the moon
I don't understand Biology
or Algebra II
I get confused over taxes
and talk of politics
I don't know how many stars there are in the sky
or how airplanes manage to fly
but of all the questions I have in my life
my biggest conundrum is you.
I have a  heart of ink
that flows out of my pen
to puddle on the pages
as my life blood from a wound.

From ten to fourteen you’re in the wings

Watching with envy

From fifteen to eighteen your stage right

The rising star

From nineteen on

You’re wandering around aimlessly

Still searching for your spotlight


When you finally find yourself

The curtain will open

And you’ll find your limelight

Trying to escape is worthless
It's like trying to breath


And yet-



The black eyeliner smudged on her face
as tears ran down her unnaturally pink cheeks and
dripped off the end of her blemish free nose, to fall 
to the unforgiving pavement at her feet
and yet
no one gave a second glance