Just because you don't feel it
don't assume your not loved
Just because you fell ignored
don't assume we hate you
Just because your crashing
don't assume theres no air bag
Just because your lonely
don't assume theres no one around
Just because your feeling hopeless
don't assume theres no help
Just because we don't answer
don't assume we're not listening
Just because you ask us
don't assume we know why
Just because you push us away
don't assume we don't care
Just because you've hurt us deeply
don't assume we won't forgive
Just because only you can change your life
don't assume we don't want to help.


11/08/2013 9:43am

Oh. My. God.
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Can I post this on social media (providing I credit you, of course)?

Mariah Clement
02/17/2014 9:44am

I would totally title this You Know What They Say About Assuming. But it's still perfect the way it is content wise


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