It’s the impossible

The cure you crave

The miracle you need

The role you yearn for

The promotion you desire

It’s the joy

That dissolves

That vanishes

That subsides

That leaves you alone with disappointment

Hope hurts

It’s the promise

There will be a new dawn

There is a rainbow

There will be another chance

There is a way

It’s the anticipation

That gives endurance

That leads to the goal

That sometimes ends in sorrow

That leads us on

But it’s all we’ve got



06/27/2013 11:19am

Wow! This is an amazing poem. I never thought of hope like this, but now I realize how dangerous hope is. You are an incredible writer!

06/27/2013 11:22am

This poem is very touching and it makes me wantto read more of your storries and f you keep on writing I belive you could make it somewhere in life as a writer!


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