I think I'm sick

I've never felt like this before
my stomachs always a little jumpy
I constantly have stage fright

call the doctor!

there's something seriously wrong
I can't stop smiling and I laughph uncontrolably
I might need to be istatutionlised

I need medication

it might be contagous
I'm getting a terrible rash, my cheeks are pink
and my ears are turning red!

I need a phsyciatrist!

I'm going insain
my head is filled with fluff
the only thing I can do anymore is sing to myself

give me a perscription please

I think I'm dieing
I've lost all my strength
I'm always quivering and I have buckling knees!

what's that? you think you know what's wrong?

enlighten me please! I'm begging you tell me what's this strange deasies ?

I'm love sick?
that's ridiculous.



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