Monday- Excitement
fresh feet
fresh faces
lay down the floor with laouphter
find your feet on a brand new floor

 Tuesday-Need a nap
Final coustome fitting
Break in new shoes
Who has any baind aids?
Slow down the music!

Wensday- So tired
Bleeding blisters
sleepy dust in your eyes
aching joints and muscles
a churus of groans
Speed up the music!

Thursday- Slap happy
Dark circles under your eyes
bloody feet, bloody shoes
baind aids and brusis
coustomes get last minuet repairs

Friday- Wish it was monday
concerler under your eyes
epson salts and orejel
coustome malfunctions 
go's by in the wink of an eye

Saturday- Freak out
sore muscles, bruised bones
make up all over your eyes
wrap up your toes 
put on your smiles
your not ganna die

Sunday-Calm down
crusty eyes, crusty feet
find your smiles
dance out of your self
live in the moment one last time
take your last bow
now its all over
Please don't cry! 
It will come again.
Plié and relax
Tondu and breath
Grand Battment and kick away your fears
Relevé away from earth and
Bourrée threw the clouds
Piqué onto the mikyway and
balance on a star
Fouetté on a comet and
Spin past the moon
leap out of the sunset
and dance among the stars.

A place



I am from a place where
bloody blisters are beutaful
dreams are reality
make up is abundant
but lothed
sweat is the sweetest perfume
a callus is a reason to celebrate
the Christmas season starts early
sweatpants are the height of fashion
bruises are nothing to be concerned about

Let's do it.
Let's watch the sunset and make wishes on the stars
Let's ride horses over sand dunes and wade into the waves
Let's go on a picnic and get stuck in the rain
lets drive off to no wear singing way off key
Lets play board games and try to let each other win
Lets stay up late on the phone and grounded for the bill
Lets go to the movies and have our hands touch in the popcorn
Lets sit on your porch steps and talk for hours
Lets talk about each other constantly and get teased by our friends
Lets share a kiss on my doorstep and get yelled at by my dad
Lets do it.
Lets fall in love.

I wish I had 
been there the 
day he died
to hold his hand 
while away form him 
his life was pried

I wish I  had
been there
to say good-bye
to stroke his cheek 
as he took his last sigh

I wish I had 
been there
to tell him all 
he'd meant to me
he's the hero I wish I could be

I wish I had been there the day he died.




I came home
                         and you weren't here
to greet me

We ate watermelon
                                      and you weren't here 
to share it

We went to the fair
                                      and you weren't here 
to play

I fell down the stairs
                                       and you weren't here
to catch me

I went to a square dance
                                             and you weren't here
to dance with me

I was waiting for you
                                  and you weren't here
your gone

Let go
So I can rest in peace
Let go 
I promise you'll go on
Let go
I promise I'll be watching over you 
Let go 
I promise you'll never be alone
Let go
I promise I'll be waiting for you 
Let go
So I can rest in peace
Deep down,
I think you have a secret
that haunts you everyday

Deep down,
I think you have a secret 
that your afraid to say

Deep down
I think you have a secret 
that fights to be free

Deep down 
You suspect I have a secret
that you want to hear me say

Deep down,
you think I have a secret
that haunts me everyday

Deep down,
you think I have a secret 
that I'm afraid to say

Deep down
you think I have a secret
that fights to be free

Deep down
I suspect I know your secret
that I want to hear you say

So who's ganna spill first?
Me, or you?

Glittering gold, and sparkaling sapphiesrs
            the heat of a crowded room
priceless pearls and dazzling diamonds
            the smell of a lady's perfume
enchanting emeralds and ravishing rubys
            the waltz that ends to soon

                                                    Mischievous Mazurka and lively La Voltra
                                                               the dance of the daring
                                                   pristine Poloanaise, and whirling waltz
                                                                    the sigh of an unwanted pairing
                                          graceful Galliards and prim Pavan
                                                                 the eyes of the envious glaring

                            Plentiful platters and succulent sauces
the sound of tipsy laughter
sizzling steaks and simmering stews
the room spinning faster and faster
perfect puddings and delightful dainties
the memory that stays forever and after

queenly Quadrille and saucy Scottish reel
the flow of the dance
playful polka and humerious horn pipe
the love and romance
magical minuet and gleeful Gavotte
the wayward glance

Lugurious lace and sinfull satin
the wilt of a once magnificent plum
deceptive damisk and striking silk
the night light of the silver moon
volumpious velvets and fluttering feathers
the silance of the empty ballroom