And yet-



The black eyeliner smudged on her face
as tears ran down her unnaturally pink cheeks and
dripped off the end of her blemish free nose, to fall 
to the unforgiving pavement at her feet
and yet
no one gave a second glance

Just because you don't feel it
don't assume your not loved
Just because you fell ignored
don't assume we hate you
Just because your crashing
don't assume theres no air bag
Just because your lonely
don't assume theres no one around
Just because your feeling hopeless
don't assume theres no help

I feel like lead.
I can't dance
I can't sing
I don't sleep
I don't dream
I don't laugh 
I don't smile
All I do is cry
Why must it be up to me to decide
When I can let you go 
and let you die.




I want time to halt
but it keeps on flowing
I hit pause
But it won't stop going
Some time ticks by to fast
Leaving me,
Only me,
Wondering what I forgot
It seems all knowing
Nothing stops if from

I wish I had 
been there the 
day he died
to hold his hand 
while away form him 
his life was pried

I wish I  had
been there
to say good-bye
to stroke his cheek 
as he took his last sigh

I wish I had 
been there
to tell him all 
he'd meant to me
he's the hero I wish I could be

I wish I had been there the day he died.




I came home
                         and you weren't here
to greet me

We ate watermelon
                                      and you weren't here 
to share it

We went to the fair
                                      and you weren't here 
to play

I fell down the stairs
                                       and you weren't here
to catch me

I went to a square dance
                                             and you weren't here
to dance with me

I was waiting for you
                                  and you weren't here
your gone