Glittering gold, and sparkaling sapphiesrs
            the heat of a crowded room
priceless pearls and dazzling diamonds
            the smell of a lady's perfume
enchanting emeralds and ravishing rubys
            the waltz that ends to soon

                                                    Mischievous Mazurka and lively La Voltra
                                                               the dance of the daring
                                                   pristine Poloanaise, and whirling waltz
                                                                    the sigh of an unwanted pairing
                                          graceful Galliards and prim Pavan
                                                                 the eyes of the envious glaring

                            Plentiful platters and succulent sauces
the sound of tipsy laughter
sizzling steaks and simmering stews
the room spinning faster and faster
perfect puddings and delightful dainties
the memory that stays forever and after

queenly Quadrille and saucy Scottish reel
the flow of the dance
playful polka and humerious horn pipe
the love and romance
magical minuet and gleeful Gavotte
the wayward glance

Lugurious lace and sinfull satin
the wilt of a once magnificent plum
deceptive damisk and striking silk
the night light of the silver moon
volumpious velvets and fluttering feathers
the silance of the empty ballroom

Its there
Hovering above me
A beam of light
That's all my dreams

I can see it
Brilliantly shining
I can taste it
The sweet taste of success

But no matter 
how high on my toes 
I rise
It's always there

Just out of my reach



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First a spark
then a flame
tiny and insignificant
slowly it grows
roaring and spitting
faster now it spreads

devouring all in its path
hungerly it feeds 
it takes no heed 
to the path of destruction 
left in its wake
so make no mistake
it leaves no escape

softer now it glows
sluggish and slow

presently it simply smolders
threatening to reawaken
slowly now it dies
and all that is left is

All work is the property of C Kempfer unless otherwise indecated