And yet-



The black eyeliner smudged on her face
as tears ran down her unnaturally pink cheeks and
dripped off the end of her blemish free nose, to fall 
to the unforgiving pavement at her feet
and yet
no one gave a second glance
Her shoulders slumped
as though the weight of the world was hers and 
hers alone, balancing precariously on her shoulders to fall,
to plumet and shatter around her or stand and live
and yet 
no eased her burden
Her boney back hunched against the cold
as a strong wind blew and strained to blow her way and
her unnaturally blond hair was sent flying to fall 
to her neack after its job of lashing her cheeks was finished
and yet 
no one offered her shelter
The bruises on her face and arms were enough to tell her story,
as plain as if written in ink
and the blood spilling from her wounds to fall 
to the puddle she sat in that should have said enough
and yet
no one stopped



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