I was born in some year of human measurement of time in an abandoned gas station. My mother was a petite Siamese mix with crystal blue eyes. She was a stay at home mom. My father was a full time witches cat specializing in scaring the superstitious. I got his looks. There is not even a hint of any other color on my silky black fur. I take great pride in my fur.  I was one of five kittens. All of my sisters; Nikia, Gamzattie, Swanhilda and Coppalia looked and acted just like mommy, but I Exxon, her darling baby boy was destined from the start to be different. Life was good with mom, we rarely saw dad. She was a great cook and was always willing to play with us. She was always watching out for us keeping us ( okay mainly me,) out of trouble until one day when a monster roared into our peaceful home.
 At the time, being a kitten, I had no idea that the monster was a truck. I know that know of course. You learn a lot in nine lives.

Mom had gone out to catch dinner and had warned us not to move from our little nest, but naturaly we had. We were kittens what do you expect? We were playing by the old gas pumps when the monster came roaring in. All of my sisters ran back to our nest just as fast as there little legs could carry them. But I, my mothers son, arched my back and did the Siamese war dance she had so recently taught us and hissed at the monster telling it to go away! But the monster did not stop! It was a brave monster and a worthy advisory. But I got the better of it. As it barred down over me I leaped up into its strangely exposed innards. Triumphantly I clawed at it but my claws were useless against its mighty armor, much to my surprise. Before I could strategically retreat to leave the battle for another day the monster began to run, run faster than any cat had ever run before, faster than any cat could ever dream of running! I held on for dear life, unawares that I had just used the first of nine lives.



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