All teenagers do something stupid at some time or another. Being a teen myself I have done my fair share of stupid things (and will probably do a lot more) but out of all the things I’ve done I’m probably most famous for my adventures with a substance called Jet Glue. Jet Glue is like super glue but stronger. Dancers, like me use it to reinforce out point shoes. It works really well. Sadly Jet glue is also really good at getting stuff stuck to my fingers and…. My belly button.

             Picture this: the backstage of a tiny theater: complete chaos. Teens and preteens rush around franticly adding the last minute touches to there costumes and make up. In the middle of it all stands two girls, one brunette, that’s Ella and one half brunette half blond (but that’s a different story) wearing a provocative costume straight out of the Arabian Nights. In her right hand she holds a bottle of eyelash glue. Her left is attempting to hold a purple plastic jewel over her belly button, but every time she try’s to move her finger it comes with it. That’s me.

            “Its not working!” I said

            “You just need to hold it on longer.” Says Ella (the first of the voices of reason in this story,) while she makes a face in the mirror due to poking herself in the eye with a fake eyelash.

             “I don’t have more time!” I cried as the jewel dropped off my belly button.

            Next we tried to hot glue that stupid jewel. Yes you read that right, hot glue, as in hot glue gun. A really hot glue gun to be precise since it had been on for about an hour re-glueing glitter and sequence to peoples costumes. I spare you the details of how it felt but lets just say that the hot glue gun wasn’t pleasant and didn’t work.

            Finally in desperation I said, trying to sound like I knew what I was doing;

“There's only one option left. I’m ganna use jet glue.”

            Instantly I was surrounded by a group of girls and one boy all franticly trying to talk me out of my plane. Sadly for me I didn’t head their warnings. Ignoring the cries of protest around me I walked to my giant black bag reached in and pulled out my jet glue. I then proceeded to do the stupidest thing I have ever done. I glued a piece of plastic to my bear skin. My friends warned me not to, and I really wish I had listened.

Right after I glued that plastic to my belly button my teacher came rushing down the steep stares that lead to the stage clattering in her heels all the way, holding a bottle of extra strength eyelash glue. Looking at me she asked:

            “ Did you get it on?”

Proudly displaying my stomach I answered

            “Yes. I used jet glue.”

            “Oh Caroline,” she said placing one hand on her forehead and shaking her head slowly

            “Your ganna hurt.”

Fast-forward a couple hours to after our performance of The Nutcracker condensed. Same place as before except now all the costumes are coming off drenched in sweat. Bags are being collected and there are frantic cries of “where’s my shirt!” from every direction.

            I’m the girl standing by the door blocking everybody’s way with her giant black bag as she displays her belly button to a bunch of little kids.

            “So Caroline, what are you going to do about your “belly button ring”?” asks the first voice of reason while making quotation marks with her fingers in the air.

            “Oh I think I’ll leave it on for a while, “ I said pulling up my shirt.

            “I mean this baby’s not going anywhere anytime soon.” I pulled on it to demonstrate my point and I promptly accidentally pulled it off with a great deal of pain.

            I had a rash for a week and you could see the imprint of a jewel for a month.



06/27/2013 2:53pm

Hey Caroline, that has to suck! I really think that you should've listened to your friends but you figured out the hard way:) At least you feel better:)

06/27/2013 2:54pm

Hi Caroline! Well, at least I know not to use Jet Glue for the future preference! Maybe you should have listened to your friends about not using it! I hope your okay now ;)

06/27/2013 3:00pm

I like how you kind of foreshadowed what was to come. Plus, you are right.... everyone does something stupid in their life. I know I have made many stupid mistakes like the one in this story.


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