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I can't see anything, not even my hands stretched out in front of me, searching for anything. All my other senses become stronger, I can smell the fear on my own skin, I can feel my pulse racing threw my viens but most of all I can hear the bloodcurdaling screams that fill the air. I know not who they come from, or even if there my own. They swirl around me enveloping me in a coccon of terror. My hand find a wall and I freeze. The scrams are right on top of me, smuthering me as I sink to the ground, back pressed against the wall. My eyes squeze shut, my knees come up to my chest and my hands clasp over my  ears at though they would squeez my head into pudding. All in a desperate attempte to block out the howls of this nightmare.Theres no light at the end of the tunnel, all the worlds closed off, leaving me alone to sob for eternity in this excapless pit of dispair. Theres no one there, no one to help me breath without these sobs that wrake my body stealing my breath away. No one to wipe away the tears coursing down my cheeks, no one to hold me close and sothe my fears. Theres no one left. Can't I just die, whats the point of being hear? Can't I just dissolve and become one with this darkness. Theres never going to be another day. Just let me die!

Then from beside me I hear a tiny  voice say;
        "Uh exscuse me but um.. your sitting on my hand."
Thats when I relize theres someone beside me, I'm not alone  and I never have been. Theres always been someone right beside me. I'm not destiened die in this crushing darkness anymore, theres someone to push back on the blackness with me. My sobs subside and the howls fade as the beginings of  a new dawn approch.



Elizabeth Leigh
03/20/2013 10:58am

I really like this's really great!


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