We wept. We wept an ocean of tears. We wept like there was no tomorrow. And for me, if felt like there wouldn’t be. I couldn’t visualize a day without her. And who could blame me?  Until that day there hand never had been a day in my life when she hadn’t been there, caring, loving, funny, stubborn, my teacher, my best friend. She was my shoulder to cry on, my secret keeper. She knew all my secrets, every single one of them. Even the deepest secrets of my heart that no one else knows. And now she was gone.

          She taught me to walk, to run and then to fly, to soar higher than I’d ever gone before; she never once let me fall. She was the best teacher. She taught me how to win, but more importantly she taught me how to lose. She taught me that everyday is a good day, even if you have to walk home stuck to a prickly bush. She taught me to take time everyday to enjoy the little things in life, especially snacks. She taught me that every speck of dust is something beautiful; you just have to look for it. She taught me that even weeds are beautiful. She loved them. On her last walk of life she stopped for one, they were her favorite food.

            As I walked with her to her final resting place a thousand memories came rushing back and it finally hit me that our adventures were really over. She was on her way to heaven. The time had come to let her go. My teacher, my best friend, the best pony in the world. My guardian angel was on her way to get her wings.

             I remember feeling her taking her last breath. Every time I think of her I feel the life leaving her in my fingertips.
One breathe, in one moment, that will stay with me forever.


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