You are walking through a graveyard, its dark and stormy, you feel like your being watched. You see a shadow and you feel a chill run down your spine. You wonder for the hundreth time why your doing this, why you were stupid enough to play truth or dare. As your pondering this 
you continue walking and out of the corner of your eye you seem to see the shadow following you. Is it, or is it your imagination? 
Suddenly and owl hoots in the distance and you nearly jump out of your own skin.
"This is silly." you tell yourself. Your alone, so what? Your not afraid. All you have to do is walk to the other side of the grave yard and back, simple.
You look back over your sholder at the people you left at the gate. The lantern they hold is the only light, theres no moon, no stars, only you alone in the darkness gazing back at a pinprick of light.
You can't stop, you have to go on. They'll tell if you don't. And if they tell, you'll die of embaressment. You walk on into the increasing blackness, hands streached out in front of you. Your heart is pounding so load you swear it can be heard for miles. With each step you take your one step closer to your goal. You begine to count steps to calm your self.
then your foot meets with nothing. You fall forward , your arms plowing at the air searching, but theres nothing to hlod on to. Your mouth opens wide in a bloodcurdaling scream as you fall headfirst into a hole deeper and darker than your worst nightmare.



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