The sound of her heels clicking down the hall filled me with a sense of dread. She had found out. I just new it. She knew. How she knew didn’t matter, at least not at the moment, my main concern at the moment was what she was going to do to me. I was sure it was going to be horrific. She was evil. E-V-I-L evil. She was practically Lord Voldamort unforcanetly for me I’m no Harry Potter. The heels stopped outside my door. In a moment of panic I decided to pretend I knew nothing. Complete innocence. I knew it would never work.  The doorknob twisted and in stepped the witch of my fairytale. My sister,  completely dressed in black, from her leather jacket complemented by her leather miniskirt to her leathel looking leather stiletto boots.
    “Hi Lesley” she said in a fake cheerful voice with a fake cheerful smile. “What’s up?”
      “O nothing “ I said all innocently shrugging my shoulders. I flopped back on my bed trying to look board out of my mind whale fighting the urge to curl into the fetal position.
     “Hmm.” Bridget walked over to my dresser and started poking threw the clutter on it. She said nothing for a few moments and neither did I. Then out of the blue she blurted out
    “Have you seen my choker?"
      “Your choker? I asked still trying to play the innocent
      “Yes my choker, the one with the cross on it.” She turned to look at me and her eyes were boring holes into my head. I flipped over onto my stomach and began to play with the fringe on my pillow.
      “Umm…no can’t say that I have.” I was lying. And she totally new it, but see even though she knew I was lying she didn’t accuses me. See that’s what’s so evil about her, she’s strategic. If she’d  right accused me I would have started yelling “I did not!” and that would have just gotten us arguing and then mom would come and brake it up and she’d never get to do anything to me. She walked over to stand beside my bed. Then she crouched down till she was level with my ear and whispered
    “ Well if it’s not sitting on my dresser by 4:30 tomorrow……….your screwed."



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