The castle stood on a cliff on a tall and intimidating mountain overlooking the remains of the once glorious town of Estdale.  It is said that the castle of Olithel has never been taken in battle, its position on the mountains is strategically perfect for defense,
 the castle wall were close enough to the edge that any attacking army would have had to have marched along the edge of the cliff four abreast. How it was possible to get wagons with foodstuffs to the castle was a secret known only to the villagers of old. The castle lay on a perapice to high for even the furthers reaching catapults to hit. The warriors of old were said to have had perfect aim with bows, bows that could send arrows flying farther and swifter then any other bows known to man. Its knights had been the most cunning, bravest and most valiant since the knights of Camelot. These days the castle warriors and knights hadn’t been heard from in years, but that was little comfort to me. These days the castle was guarded by a wicked sorcerer who held the sole heir to the Olithel throne captive in the tallest tower of the castle. And that’s is my goal. To reach that tower and free Olighel from its cures with true loves kiss. For hundreds of years the younger son of the three kingdoms surrounding Olithil have been sent at the age of nineteen (the age of the immortal until rescued princess) to rescue the heir of Olitherl and awaken her with true loves kiss and of course become ruler of Olithel. For hundreds of years now all the younger sons of Adonia, Galon and Kedirethiel have perished, either by battling with each other or by one of the many fabled trials the evil sorcerer has waiting. The only other option is returning home in shame. This year it is my turn to ballet for the hand of the fair princess.

I’m done for.



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