I hate the way you stand
your hands in your pockets
head dipped slightly
but your eyes somehow still boring into mine
         and I lose my train of thought

I hate the way you smile
starting with a twitch in your cheeks
spreading across your face like wildfire
to burn in the blue -grey of your eyes
        and I forget how to breath

I hate the way you look at me
Like I'm a jem from another world
like your a little scared of me
and those little side glances, they kill me
           and I forget how to talk

I hate the way you laugh
the way your head tips back 
as your eyes close
and your whole body shakes
            and I melt

I hate the way you hold my hand
When were dancing
your grips to right
     and my hand catches fire

I hate everything you do
because I love it to

I think I'm sick

I've never felt like this before
my stomachs always a little jumpy
I constantly have stage fright

call the doctor!

there's something seriously wrong
I can't stop smiling and I laughph uncontrolably
I might need to be istatutionlised

I need medication

it might be contagous
I'm getting a terrible rash, my cheeks are pink
and my ears are turning red!

I need a phsyciatrist!

I'm going insain
my head is filled with fluff
the only thing I can do anymore is sing to myself

give me a perscription please

I think I'm dieing
I've lost all my strength
I'm always quivering and I have buckling knees!

what's that? you think you know what's wrong?

enlighten me please! I'm begging you tell me what's this strange deasies ?

I'm love sick?
that's ridiculous.


I think I must have a split personality
That there are two diffrent Carolines
living in one body

One soars through the night
seeking perfection and the adoration of all she sees
she lives in a cardboard world of illushions and beauty
she breaths rosin and sweat
she blooms in the burning dawn of the stage lights
she is my soul,
dancing on the milkyway

one flys through the air on the back of her truest friend seeking axhileration and strength
she lives in a world of pounding hooves
she breaths sweat and manure
she thrives in the cooling shade of a barn
she is my heart,
home on the farm

I am in constant battle
against myself
heart versus soul
a constant battle in my blood
never knowing who may win from one day to the next
It takes a lot to make me mad
but when I get mad
so mad my blood boils with hate
and my eyes turn as black as the deepest pit in 
I get even

I'm not good at confrentation
that's why I wright
so I can call you out
without stumbling over my own tounge
trying to get the words out

I. never should have trusted you
I gusse I'm to niave
I've been told that befor you know
gusse I should have listened

I thought you were such a nice guy
the kind that would bring me flowers
watch the sunset
tell me I'm pretty without any makeup on
and stay up late at night writing me a poem

gusse its me staying up late at night now
cursing your name to the heavens
and crying over my own stupidity
plotting my revenge
and hateing myself for being so evil

you really hurt me
you killed part of my soul
a part of my heart
and I can never get that piece back
I may never trust again
you were my first date
all my dreams rested on you
gusse you couldn't handel that
or maybe you just thought I wasn't good enough for you

I may never trust any boy the way I trusted you ever again
funny how I trusted you so much
and barely even knew you
gusse I should have relized that
fairytales don't work in real life

I hope your happy
I hope that your days are filled with joy
at the thought that you have made me feel like nothing
becouse of you I am nothing more than a dirty dishrag
limp and lonely.
Monday- Excitement
fresh feet
fresh faces
lay down the floor with laouphter
find your feet on a brand new floor

 Tuesday-Need a nap
Final coustome fitting
Break in new shoes
Who has any baind aids?
Slow down the music!

Wensday- So tired
Bleeding blisters
sleepy dust in your eyes
aching joints and muscles
a churus of groans
Speed up the music!

Thursday- Slap happy
Dark circles under your eyes
bloody feet, bloody shoes
baind aids and brusis
coustomes get last minuet repairs

Friday- Wish it was monday
concerler under your eyes
epson salts and orejel
coustome malfunctions 
go's by in the wink of an eye

Saturday- Freak out
sore muscles, bruised bones
make up all over your eyes
wrap up your toes 
put on your smiles
your not ganna die

Sunday-Calm down
crusty eyes, crusty feet
find your smiles
dance out of your self
live in the moment one last time
take your last bow
now its all over
Please don't cry! 
It will come again.
A small girl’s white dress lays in the meadow

Surrounded by buttercups and daises, lilac and dandelions

Sunlight streams down upon it from a break in the clouds 

Then the light fades as if the sun is displeased

 That no little girl is in the dress.

A river of ink
flowing through my veins
reaching heart, mind
and soul

A river of ink
flowing through my veins
capturing pain
, joy 
and love

The other day in English class we were asked why we thought that at the begining of Mark Twains Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain wrote the following notice:





I don't know how to renew a metro card
but I can ride a horse,
western, english, side saddle,bareback
and I know how to shoe them
I don't know what to do if I get mugged
but I can 
help deliver a foal, calf, puppy, puppy, kitten
and I can bottle feed them all

I don't know how to hail a taxie
But I can drive,
automatic, stick shift, truck, car or tractor
and I can drive a pony cart
I don't know what to tip a NYC waitress
but I can cook,
plow a straight line, shuck corn, string beans, gut a pumpkin
and I can hand milk a cow

I don't know how to survive in New York City
But I can learn





This is a piece of paper
This is a pen
This is a little poem
That's coming to an end.